Monday, May 6, 2013


Danger came knocking on our door in the form of a 16 year old boy. There is always a first time. In this instance it happened on a warm May evening. This moment had been building for a few years. At first we just discussed the inevitable, which He usually dismissed as too far off in the future to warrant any real thought. But as the time drew near He became increasingly agitated every time I broached the subject. Finally, when the subject became unavoidable He insisted that we could stop Danger dead in his tracks. Mmmm. At this point I explained that He was being unreasonable and that He now must revert to plan B. Plan B had been incubating in His mind for many years. It was actually a variation of the plan used on Him by my father, which He had decided was a good plan (as it had been effective in its outcome). However, He was going to take plan B up a few notches in the (desperate), hope that it may curtail any unforeseen Danger in the future.

This particular Spring evening, as Danger was already on his way, I had spent the last two hours helping our eldest daughter prepare. We were instructed that when the doorbell rang He would answer the door while we waited in her bedroom. Danger rang the bell. He answered it (a fairly intimidating figure), and invited him in. Although I did not witness the actual event (or what my girls call the grilling), I can imagine what took place. Danger sat dressed in his finest rented tuxedo, a boxed red corsage in his hand, while He proceeded to inform him exactly who he was taking out of our house that evening; His baby, His precious charge, His adored treasure, the one He had protected, nurtured, guarded, and loved for 16 years. It was made clear to Danger that if he wanted to accept the responsibility for the care of His daughter that evening, he would be held accountable. Danger was instructed how to treat her, how to protect her, and when to return with her. I am sure His instruction was polite, but I am also sure He intended that Danger leave intimidated.

Many a time Danger has come knocking, not for one but two daughters. Our girls have professed mortification at times for His insistence on interviewing Danger. Nevertheless, His interviews have also ensured that His daughters know that He is watching out for them. When the girls reached 18 His routine for meeting Danger at the door eased up a bit (however, it did not stop). Now Danger is not greeted at the door until his third consecutive visit. His theory is that three times means there is a possibility that Danger may stick around for a while, even permanently. He has run Danger off before. And while it may have upset the girls at the time, in hindsight they have been grateful. Inevitably, the day came when Danger wanted to stay. By this time He had had multiple "visits" with said Danger. He (reluctantly), realized that if Danger was willing to pass through His gauntlet again, just maybe Danger would be worthy to stay. He was once called Danger, and He knows who he is from a different perspective. He knew the impact that my father's interview had on Him, so I have trusted Him on this one. His girls know that they are being watched over and cared for, whether they like it or not.

He uses plan B... more reason I love Him.

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