Monday, November 26, 2012


He didn't propose. I hear of all these fabulous, romantic and most of all surprise proposals, and I wonder if I am the only girl who never got one. We had been talking about "when we are married" for a long time. One evening we decided when the "when" would start. It was still exciting and scary. I have always believed that the reason He didn't surprise me with a ring was because He knew better. I am not demanding, but I am very particular (of course He knew this long before we were talking about "when"). Like every girl I had thought about my fantasy engagement ring.

Without recognizing the development of my taste in engagement rings, I understand now how my choice might have evolved. My grandmother's ring was a ruby. Her mother was Danish and it was popular in her country to have a colored stone. I never saw my grandmother's ring. She lost it before I was born. However, it sounded very exotic compared to the colorless stones of my mother's friends.
I had narrowed my ring down to three choices: ruby, sapphire, or emerald. The color of the ruby and emerald felt too intense for me. But the most important reason for my choice was that historically sapphires were given as a token of fidelity. That was romantic.

So when the "when" came and He asked me what ring I wanted-I knew exactly. Oh-He was surprised, and even though He didn't say it He was troubled. It was different and unique for the time and place, and that meant He would get flack from every corner that weighed in on the matter. Of course when I finally got the ring everyone wanted to see it-and we got a lot of "ohs", (if there were an exclamation for Huh? thats what I'd use here). When He got that "oh" He never excused himself by explaining He just gave me what I wanted, thereby vindicating His poor taste and judgement. Rather, He took it like a man, and smiled at his good fortune because He was able to make my dream come true.

He indulged... more reason I love Him.

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