Monday, October 29, 2012


I love Halloween. How can you not love a holiday that combines candy, doughnuts, and costumes? I've never been fascinated by the creepy side of the festivities, rather I see it as an excuse to play dress up. I begin planning Halloween costumes months in advance. Our very first costumes together were Red Riding-hood and the Big Bad Wolf. I made Him a long flannel nightshirt, and painted His face.

He has been Tinker Belle to my Peter Pan, Captain Hook to my Wendy, king to my queen, a Hari Krishna to my clown (not one I'm proud of), mouse to my cat, Cowardly Lion to my Tin Man, Ward Cleaver to my June, Prince to my Rapunzel, Mad Hatter to my Alice, a warlock to my witch, a 17th c.Venetian Carnevale reveler to my female version, Pinocchio to my Jiminy Cricket, and many more. Not all of His costumes were physically (or theoretically), flattering. He has often had to wear heavy make-up, tights, wigs, dresses, and pantaloons. He has also endured being extremely hot, itchy, and all around uncomfortable for the sake of pleasing me.

He has never had any input in what we dress as for Halloween. I don't even ask His opinion. He has said "no" to my suggestions, however, He always complies in the end. He indulges my sartorial play-acting endeavors, and He does it year after year with a smile.

He indulges... more reason I love Him.  

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