Monday, September 10, 2012


He seemed so earnest when He asked me out for the next weekend that I decided I would give Him a second chance. Of course it was another double date with our friends, this time to the movies. We saw Foul Play. Whatever you might say about this Hitchcock homage, the comedy/thriller offered a funny Chevy Chase, a charming Goldie Hawn, and a PG rating - in other words, a perfect date movie. However, it was the third, not the second date that hooked me. As the second date was not an altogether flop He asked me out again for the next weekend - this time to his grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary. I can't imagine what He was thinking.

The date is pretty much a blur. I remember only three things: double date again; I wore a homemade  silver Qiana, cowl neck dress, (you had to be from the time to know the cool factor of this fabric); and He kissed me goodnight. It wasn't the kiss that snagged me, it was how He got it.

He seemed massive to me. He was 6'1" and 195 lbs. I was 5'4" and half his weight. He almost swaggered, carrying himself in an arrogant manner, like He knew He could handle himself. I was not impressed, rather, I was a little put off. I had assumed from His demeanor, and comments from the peanut gallery, that He was cocky. Although I was 16, I knew how to put a boy in his place, and I was prepared to do just that.

Returning home from our "meet his family fest" He walked me to my front door. My parents had left all the lights blaring for my benefit. At the door He asked if He could come in for a minute. Our friends were waiting in the car so I knew He wouldn't stay very long. Inside the foyer, under the chandelier, with His hands in His pants pockets He whispered: "would you mind if I kissed you goodnight?". Completely taken aback by His self-conscious and bashful query, I think I just said "okay". With his hands still in his pockets He leaned down and timidly kissed me very softly on the lips. It was surprising...and sweet. I had already battled a few eager gropers, and I was completely caught off guard by His sincerity. I had misjudged His character by his appearance. For the first time I thought that there was more to this boy than meets the eye, and I wanted to see what it was.

He asked... more reason I love Him.

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