Monday, September 17, 2012


We were in a crowd somewhere. It was some kind of festival, and we had stayed until the end. It didn't feel dangerous, but it was intense. We were being jostled as we tried to make our way to the car. Without saying anything He took my right hand in His left, bent His arm at the elbow, and placed it in the small of His back. This action effectively put me securely behind Him. I looked down His back at our hands as we moved in tandem. We were so close I had to take little steps as He pushed through the crowd. Suddenly, I felt the air clear as He swung His arm back, and we were walking side by side again, my hand in His.

I didn't analyze what He had done at the time, I just remember feeling safe. It seemed like His action was instinctive. I didn't feel that He was being presumptuous or patronizing, rather, He seemed gallant. The gesture was both gentlemanly, and heroic. He made me feel that I inspired such chivalrous behavior in Him.

This became our pattern for moving through groups of people of any size. Later, if His arms were full, He put my finger in His back belt loop, and I just followed, trusting I would emerge safe and sound. Although His reaction to unforeseen dangers seemed simplistic, the implication was profound. From that point forward I have always felt safe when I am with Him. It has left me with the assurity that I am always looked after - even when He isn't there.

He protected... more reason I love Him.  

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